iquidi Features

Procurement Management

A successful procurement management system is essential to an organization’s success. Procurement management is much more than just a department that purchases merchandise for a company.

Sales and Invoice Management

You may improve cooperation, decrease tedious admin activities, and eventually reach your intended sales goals by implementing a sales management system.

Inventory Management System

You’ll be well on your way to maximizing the performance and profitability of your company if you’re able to fully handle your finances and inventories.

Organize Business Partner

The Business Partner Management application has every feature needed to establish and preserve data on the organizations the firm conducts business with. A business partner may be categorized as a client or a supplier.

Document management system in Bangladesh

Document Management System

Document management system enables you to efficiently accomplish your company’s objectives by giving staff, clients, and suppliers the information they want quickly and effortlessly.

Manufacturing system

The manufacturing feature keeps track of producing finished products, including raw materials, manufacturing orders, and automates and tracks the assembly of your complete production line.