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iquidi is essential for businesses that need to stay organized and up-to-date.

Organize Business Partner

The Business Partner Management application has every feature needed to establish and preserve data on the organizations the firm conducts business with. A business partner may be categorized as a client or a supplier. A hierarchical structure for defining new business partners is provided by the system. incorporates both a single and numerous ship-to destinations, accommodating national, divisional, and regional partners. A detailed record of each business partner is kept. Business partners can join iquidi through user invitation. We are able  to invite as many users as we wish. Can also assign the user the role according to preference, and by joining  iquidi, the user can manage accounting, bills, procurement, and other tasks as assigned by the user. It simplifies the management of your business. We deliver the best service possible. We are looking forward to providing our customers with even more business benefits.


Business Partner Details: 

Accounting software does not imply crunching numbers in this technological age. It also enables you to better understand your company and financial information by converting numbers into data, allowing you to make quick and essential business decisions.  As a result, we provide sophisticated tools to help our clients manage all partner information, and contacting partners is simple. Customers, Suppliers and delivery partners are also an important part of a business partner. Company buys inventory products from suppliers and sells it to the customer. Products can also be sent to the customer through delivery partners. There some auto system generated business partners added in iquidi which are used in quick bills. 

Simply enter all of your business partner’s  information to add or  change them. You can also create all business partner transaction  Reports. Business partners can also grant a loan or receive a loan to their business. 

Grant Loan feature allows you to grant a loan to your business partner and settle down adding huge profit. Business partners can pay the loan in installments. No need to worry about anything. Iquidi will keep all track of your settlement date and amount.After finishing the full installment, the status will be automatically shown as closed. From the business partner details, you can also generate a list of all the transactions. 

Consistent cash flow is critical for all sorts of organizations. To properly execute commercial activities and enhance profitability, the organization requires sufficient operational funds. The Receive loan feature on iquidi might provide your company with a much-needed push. It helps your company to increase funding. To meet your financial demands, you can apply for a variety of loans. It is simple to access and utilize. Also, have flexible and convenient repayment options. Moreover, the application procedure is hassle-free.


Receivable Partner:

Easy to find any receivable partner and look for their details. Receivable partners are those from whom your business expects to get income. 


Payable Partner:

Easy to find any payable partner and look for their details. Payable partners are those to whom your business is about to pay. 



By merging your company data with iquidi, you can make the right decisions at the right moment. The business owner has a key role and is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. Rather, they concentrate on the larger picture. They establish the vision and path plan. They have the expertise and power to make strategic decisions. Owners have a share capital as well as a percentage of ownership. The purpose of share capital is to allow the corporation to be split in terms of ownership and control. Owners can also make loans to or receive loans from other business partners for the benefit of the company.


Third Party Delivery Partner:

Deliver your product through a third party delivery partner.  It is the most amazing feature of iquidi. Sometimes, customers want to receive their purchased product through a delivery services like Uber or Pathao. You can enable this feature in invoice when you want it.

Business partners may access their accounts using iquidi from the workplace, at home, or even while traveling. Our module gives customers or suppliers the ability to manage their accounts, verify order and shipping details, check on the progress of their payment, or evaluate support issues online, around-the-clock. Through a single portal screen, customers can also submit quotations or orders, maximizing their online interaction and enticing them to return to your website. Customers are happier when they can assist themselves.

Data that enables them to cross-sell or up-sell your items and successfully handle customer support concerns. After all, clients usually communicate with your customer service staff more frequently than they do with anybody else at your business.

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